Friday, May 13, 2016

Other Experience and Skills

Prior to coming to the Bar I mainly worked in the arts and campaigning, predominantly on the administration and accounts sides though I had experience of the more exciting bits as well. I have been self-employed since 1987 mainly doing finance and general administration/ management or "trouble-shooting".

I have been doing accounts since 1986 for individuals, companies, plcs, charities, campaigning organisations and my last two chambers. This includes spreadsheet and computer bookkeeping (such as Sage and Sun) and all forms of tax (PAYE, VAT, Corporation, etc) including returns. I have also prepared formal company accounts though my experience tended to be with small or medium sized businesses.

Information Technology
I have been working with IT since 1984 and my work has included programming (on a limited level), project management, managing and developing a legal software company (while at the Bar), DTP, Excel (including programming and/or analysis – I designed working forms for doing Crown Court and Family graduated fees), most wp programmes, most accounts programmes, scanning software and hardware, and general bits and bobs. I would say I am a talented amateur rather than a professional in IT but I have access to a lot of professional knowledge (through the various things I have done and contacts I have made) and if I don’t know the answer I can generally find someone who does.

To cut it short I have administered all the types of organisations mentioned in the Accounts section (at all levels, including being solely responsible).

My main experience was with Artists Against Apartheid (1986 – 1990), working with people at the top of their respective professions and so learning how they did things. I got experience of production and management of concerts (from small to the largest, working with a huge variety of bands, managers, producers, journalists, lawyers and the whole music biz thing), production and distribution of videos, merchandising (including negotiating a national distribution deal and mail-order for AAA products), press and publicity (including getting locked into a backstage caravan with Lynne Franks and an emotional Boy George), campaigning, lobbying, contact with major political organizations such as the ANC and lots of other things.