Sunday, May 15, 2016

Chambers Facilities and Languages

Angell Park Chambers has the following facilities (see also Chandra's IT page):

1. E-mail – I much prefer correspondence by e-mail as I will reply within 24 hours and it makes incorporating advice or a template much quicker.

Document Scanning – I have scanned all the papers I receive since 2000 as it allows me to find things much more quickly and to have a complete digital record of any case. Each case is then put on my laptop and/or cloud storage and external hard drive backup so that it can be easily accessed and searched during the course of a case. I can advise solicitors as to the hardware and software they need to do this if they wish to have this facility, not least because it makes it much easier to transfer papers to solicitors and/or clients.

3. Cloud storage and access - All papers and recordings (audio and video) are automatically synced with cloud storage facility.  I have shared access with my employment clients to their papers since 2007 this way and it considerably speeds up all processes and enables lay and professional clients to be fully abreast of the own case.  I have assisted sociitotrs firms set up the same facilities after they have shared mine and appreciated its considerable benefits.

4. Video conferencing - I can have a video conference with anyone with compatible facilities, including prisons. IS obviously needs facilities as well but I can advise on this.

5. Interactive witness documents - using video conferencing and cloud storage I can then work with clients to produce documents using track changes and the like cross referenced to the documents and indices in the trial bundles.

6. Video Image analysis facilities including frame by frame analysis and prints of individual frames. Useful for identifying material for experts and will copy videos into digital format for solicitors and clients.

7. Expert witness database and advice including being instructed solely for the purpose of what kind of expert should be found (and who) as done in technical evidnce cases on wtiness testimony and unreliability, DNA, computer recovery, etc.

8. Backup of documents - all documents are backed up to a virtual backup and a hard drive. When cases are finished they are archived.

9. I am available to advise informally and free on all cases on the phone or email , whether for solicitors or direct access clients.  For direct access clients I would normally limit it to 15 minutes and ask them to fill in a standard assessment form thereafter and send basic documents to assess whether we should have a formal agreement and I be formally instructed. 

10. Website with useful legal links


French (usable), Spanish (rusty) and Malayalam